Benton Tarantella
Benton Tarantella

Benton Tarantella

Full Name Benton Tarantella
Gender: Male
Age Old, deceased
Species Human, undead, zombie
Nationality American
Hair Black
Eyes Unknown
First Appearance Everyone Wants Direct
Last Appearance Angry Nasty People
Location Various
Relatives Errol Von Volkheim (business partner)
Portrayer(s) Unknown

Benton Tarantella is a former movie director that has become a zombie. He and his partner, Erroll Von Volkheim, would pose as movie producers to lure unsuspecting victims to their fates, killing twelve people. Eventually, they were jailed for their crimes. However, Von Volkheim was released from jail for good behavior, while Tarantella died in prison. He first appears at the Bagges' house claiming he wants them to be in a movie he's making, but tricks them into filming a fake movie only to resurrect von Volkheim and eat Muriel, who is cast in the film as a human sacrifice. Their weakness was that they follow the script to the T, even after Courage modified it. Benton's name is based on real-life director Quentin Tarantino.