Courage's Parents were loving and rich dogs as seen in Remembrance of Courage Past(The father's name is Henry) who live an aristocratic life in a mansion. Not much is known about his parents as they were seen only in one episode, Remembrance of Courage Past. When they went to the veterinarian to help Courage's head get out of the gate, they were launched into space by The Cruel Veterinarian. Fortunately, Courage avoided a similar fate by escaping through a garbage chute, where he was found by Muriel. After Courage launched the cruel veterinarian in outer space, His parents were shown to be still alive. They later killed the veterinarian along with the other dogs that the vet sent to space.


Their appearance don't really differ from Courage's. Henry has a brown mustache and brown eyebrows. Courage's mother has long eyelashes and wears expensive jewelry.


Courage's parents are very kind and gentle. They apparently live in a mansion. They love each other and courage very much.